Open Shop

1304 bikes maintains workspace with access to tools and recycled parts freely accessible to the bicycle community. Additionally, during shop hours volunteers are on hand to advise and assist in the repair and maintenance of bicycles brought in by participants from the community. The Open Shop program exists both to provide access to parts and tools as well as bicycle repair and maintenance information to the participants. The expectation is that participants will not only be able to restore or maintain their bicycles, but that they will also gain the knowledge and skills required to perform their own repairs in the future.


Donated bicycles are available to any member of the community in exchange for a small amount of time (no more than eight hours) spent at 1304 bikes, helping with shop operations and/or learning bicycle repair skills.  Following completion of the required hours, participants are encouraged to use the open shop hours to make the bike fully operational.


Child-specific bikes are collected as donations and re-distributed at no cost to children. This program was established to provide bicycles to children who are too young to benefit from volunteering their time at 1304 bikes. If bicycles require additional maintenance they can be repaired under the Open Shop program.

Women & Trans Night

An opportunity for women and transgender/transsexual members of the community to participate in the open shop and earn-a-bike programs in a non-intimidating environment.